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Finding an attorney who can also review your documents and be honest

You can be in need of attorney in vast number of situations. In case of any injury or an accident and some times in case of any dispute related to inherited property. Some problems are very complex and hiring an attorney can be real beneficial and give you relaxation.

But remember that before hiring the attorney you should check the work load on him. I am giving you this advice because many lawyers don't bother to give you time to prepare your documents or even review them. And in such cases all your time will be wasted because when you present the necessary documents in front of the court they will find any missing thing and give you time and ask you to come again. You can imagine that how frustrating that will be.

Sometimes a little help and guide line from your attorney can win your the case but if he acts selfish and thinks in a manner to stuck you for the lifetime.
Many lawyers are very open and friendly and they don't tend to hide things from their clients.
The best way to reach such an attorney is by asking your friends and family members regarding their experiences with different attorneys.
So whatever type of case you have either related to some property , or some insurance related issue, take a hell lot of time in selecting the right attorney to advocate your case in front of the  judges.
Sunday, February 28, 2016

List of some best attorneys working in injury/abuse cases in Washington DC

Bad times can nome to any one and in such cases most of us have some experiences with injury related attorneys.
God forbids if you ever face any critical injury or any severe accident you cannot understand how nervous it is. And in these situations here comes the attorney for your help he will solve your problem and instantly guide you how you get out of this ditch you had fallen.
No doubt he asks you a handsome amount but without his help there are very strong chances you will not get a dime of recovery from the person who had hit you.

The attorney will guide you to collect the evidences of  your innocence. The purpose of this article is to enlist some of the post popular attorneys and their contact details so you can save them in your mobiles and contact them instantly when you need them. Because there are chances you fall in hands of any person who is not well qualified and you will loose much more money.

1. Thomas Vertetis in Washington
If you are in  Washington the best attorney you can meet is Mr Thomas. Please make sure that this list is not based on any personal favorites. We have made this list based on thousands of interviews we had conducted in last 5 years. Thomas and his firm specializes in sexual abuse cases and accident related injuries. His website address is and he can be reached via email at His facebook page is and twitter url is You can call Seatle Office at (206)462-4334 

2. Mr John R
Second most important and well known  attorney in Washington Area is Mr John. He is werking from many years and his firm had build a very strong reputation. his website is and he is managing offices both at Seattle and Tacoma, His facebook page is and you can reach him on twitter at His company is also registered at Linked In. And according to linked in he has total of 21  employees with the main head office located at  2301 North 30th Street Tacoma, Washington 98403 United States . These lawyers he had hire specializes in Government Liability, Wrongful Death, Personal Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Insurance Bad Faith, Spinal Cord Injury, Product Liability, Civil Rights . One of lawyer working here is Miss Amanda Searle according to Linked in and she is expert in sexual abuse related cases. You can always call the toll free number at Toll Free: (855) 593-5100
Friday, February 19, 2016

Getting ready to be audited by Internal Revenue Service overcome the fear

Published Date : 16 Feb 2016
Hi All, This is Awais again with you your tax expert. This is second series of articles to help you cope better in tax related matters for your business specially if you or your business is some how caught in any audit by IRS. Some audits of IRS are totally random that means that they select people just by a computerized mechanism and then they will verify your data and ask you different details regarding your business or salary if you are a salaried person.
But sometimes the audit is not just a random audit but it is a routine audit. This happens when your debts are increasing and you are not paying back and in such scenarios when your business is selected for an audit then you should think of hiring an attorney. The job of the attorney will be to help you reach to any settlement with the IRS.

The bottom line to understand in all this situation is that you have to make the IRS believe that you and your business are suffering from a total grieve loss, and your assets are totally decreasing and you are in bad hot waters. To make them think like this you need documentary evidences. Remember the court will not listen to the sad story of yours. You need lawyers and attorneys that will speak on behalf of you in a proper legal manner.
Please remember that delaying the matters after you have been selected for tax audit is very dangerous. It is possible that the IRS will declare you as a criminal because of not paying the state taxes. So hurry up you have to tell them your bad situation and for that you need a lawyer or attorney.
Please remember that when you are being audited by IRS, there is a very high level of stress building upon to you and its not very easy to cop up with that pressure. Many people fall into depression when they fail in handling the stress of tax audit. So it is very advisable is to plan ahead and in the situation you must hire a lawyer who can speak and communicate with IRS on your behalf.

Please remember that as i told in my previous article here regarding whom you should hire. Here i will repeat again that the attorney's job is not to file the income tax return on your behalf. They are very expensive and you should visit them only when you think that the cat is out of the bag means the situation you think is very critical. If you need just income tax or wealth statement preparation, you can simply hire a CPA or tax preparation professional.

I hope these tips today will be beneficial for you in your tax related matters.
Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Which type of professional to chose for complex and simple tax scenarios

Hi all, Awais here again your professional assistant in matters of taxation and lawsuits. Today i will be writing few lines about the business owners who are always in tension regarding the tax they had to pay and they are getting afraid when they see huge amount of taxes that seem more than the amount they are getting as an income from their business.

First of all, i know you are afraid as tax attorneys and professionals charge a lot and you want to avoid hiring one but please don't avoid this. Hiring a tax professional is very important for your business and all above is that you should focus on building a good relationship or friendship with the lawyer as that's not a one day task. Every year you need assistance from him at all costs and you cannot avoid this.

So always give him a cup of tea or coffee and try to talk in a very frank and friendly manner and try to develop a good relationship with the attorney or if you are visiting his office bring some flowers or a pen as a gift for him.

That's all the second part of the story but initially you had to choose a tax expert first and if you selects a wrong person who is just able to file or fill up the taxation forms than you are putting your focus and attention to a wrong person. You have to make sure that the layer you are approaching is properly certified and he is certified Enrolled Agent (EA) by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of United States. Also second thing you should notice that the attorney should be Certified Public Accountant. In most of the cases you don't need to hire a CPA because you may be having a very small firm, in this case you can hire just a simple  certified EA but if you are running a very large organization with 50 plus employees in that case its better that you visit a small CPA
firm and discuss your business scenarios with them.
Last option is to hire a tax attorney. These attorneys charge mush more than EA's or CPA's because they have specialized degrees and you should visit them only in the case when you have a very complex situation related to taxes or your business that you are unable to solve.
Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chosing attorney for real estate most imprtant tips

Hi all, today is another post from me your friend, Awais. Today i will guide you why you should chose an attorney when you are planning to buy a home. Remember that houses are not purchased very often , rather such occasions are life time occasions. So a small mistake can get you in big trouble. Also when you are buying a new home in United States, a lots of legal documentation is involved in the process. If you are doing a job or you are quite a busy person than you are in bad soils.
First of all remember that before going to hunt for the attorney for buying a house, the first important step is choosing the home you want to buy. You have to make the selection your self and than call the attorney to handle the legal documentation.
Another very important thing is that the attorneys charge too much. So you don't have to hire a very famous one. A new comer can also help you in the same manner in preparing the documentation and at the mean time he will save you a couple of bucks.
In order to find rates of various attorneys you can visit and choose the state you live in.
Don't forget to bargain with the attorneys. Yes you can do it. Its your right. Dont throw away your hard earned money. Bargain hardly with different attorneys and chose the one one who gave you the best deals.
Before finalizing the attorney try to look at the profile of the attorney. So that you can realize that what sort of cases he specializes in. Some attorneys are expert in injury cases, but remember that you have to find the one who is most proficient in purchasing and deals of the houses or villas.

And now my final and most important advice is that whatever you have decided with the attorney, you should have it in writing. Some attorneys had some hidden charges which they tell you later on. So to avoid such pitfalls have a written agreement with the attorney.

Thats all for today i hope you loved it . Thank you
Friday, February 12, 2016

How to react in a situation when your car had an accident

Hi All, Awais here again with an in depth article regarding how you have to handle your beloved car accident. Life is not always very shiny it can be grim and you had to face may ups and down. So just imagine for a moment you purchased a brand new Mercedes and a new person learning to drive just hit your car and totally destroyed look of your car. Now you are standing by the side of the road thinking what to do , if you have read this article you don't had to worry. We will tell you the ways to get you out of this dark black hole of misery.
First of all if you are innocent and you think all the guilt is on the shoulders of the person who had hit you than that means that you prepare your mind for a lawsuit. Don't get afraid of this please. Although you had seen many times attorneys dragging people in court but don't worry you had not done any mistake.
 First of all you should take pictures from your mobile camera of the car and also if you find any witness near by just record a video and ask him to speak about the accident as it happened.

You don't have to panic because there are some chances that due to a shock of the accident you might have slight neck or backbone injuries. But do you know that sometimes you feel alright at the time of accident, but later on the pain started to grow and these injuries of backbone and neck are considered the most highly expensive and the claims sometimes went into thousands of dollars.
So keep in your mind sooner after the accident try to rush to hospital and get your checkup and ask the doctor to give you in writing about the accident affects on your body. you should make sure that you ask doctor to write that the pain you are suffering is direct result of the accident that had happened to you.

As soon as the accident happens there are bright chances that in few minutes you hear voices of sirens and police vans arrive. Now bare this in your mind, never ever made the mistake of accepting your fault under the pressure of the other party or person who had hit you. He will try to push your ass as much as he can but if you are not guilty you should never accept your fault.

Keep this in mind never start shouting at the other party even if you are not at fault. This will weaken your case. Just remember that you had to gather some evidences of you being not guilty. 

If your car is hit from back there are chances that the person who had hit you might be drunk or he was using mobile device or any child was sitting next to him. Whatever is the case try to get the evidence and tell it to the policemen and ask him to write this down. You should try your best that police officer writes it down. Try to take pictures of any alcohol present in his car and show it to the policeman to persuade him.  If the policeman has arrived try to make the video of all the conversation taking place. You need to remember that the insurance company needs proofs they don't act on verbal statements.
Don't forget to ask the policeman the service number or any traceable number of the incident report he had made. Later on you can also find from police records the past accidents that had happened to the driver who had hit you due to his negligence. This will make your case more strong because the attorney will assume based on past accidents about the carelessness of the driver.

Please remember, the most important thing. You should speak as less as possible and make the other driver speak words like i was talking on the phone, or i was looking at the other side, or i was a bit sleepy. Its better that you keep a sound recorder always in your car during such incidents because mobile devices don't have mostly very good recording quality.

I hope these peaces of advice by me will guide you and help you get out of this tense situation
Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When to fire and when not to fire a lawsuit for Injury Cases

In this world anything can happen at any time. Your brand new car can get hit by a crane or a truck or you can get your arm broken after being hit by a cyclist passing near by. This pain and suffering can happen to you or any of your near relative like your son, daughter or your wife also. Now question arises? If i am hit by any such bad situation or accident what should i do. What rights do i have. Being a tax paying citizen how will my country help me in this bad patch of my life.
  • What is Personal Injury? 
To understand it accurately first of all you need to define what exactly is a personal injury. So you should keep in your mind one key point is that if you yourself is responsible for the accident or the injury that this scenario is not being considered as an injury case legally. In order words no doubt you got a lot of pain and suffering but as you yourself is responsible for that suffering so legally you cannot claim any thing against it.
  • What you can do in case of injury?
Now we come to the point, if you or your loved one got injured by mistake of someone else what you can do. The answer is very simple , you have to file a lawsuit in the civil court. But in most of the cases this does not needs to happen. Because there is a bright chance that both the parties mutually decide any solution.The party who is actually at mistake may pay some money to overcome the losses of the other party. This is mostly done to avoid the court judgement and also to save the time and money involved in giving to the lawyers who had to prepare the case.
  • Do you have proofs?
So as discussed above everything starts when you have decided to file a lawsuit against  the other opponent whom you think is responsible for the the accident that occurred to you. But before proceeding to the court you should bear in your mind that you had to bring proofs about the carelessness of the other party that caused you a harm. 

  • You should always visit attorney
Now we come into the detail of how actually you can avoid a lawsuit. Although you decided to avoid the lawsuit but still you need to hire attorneys and they will help you negotiate with the other party and finally a written agreement is made that shows what exactly you will be paid against the damages or injuries caused. Also there are insurers involved that guarantee that the parties will abide by the written agreement. 
  • Hurry up time is short!!
One most important thing you should keep in mind is that you have to analyze and read the other person mind. Sometimes the other person who had caused harm to you is trying to avoid the lawsuit because there is a limited time in which you can file a lawsuit. If that time had passed than it is useless to cry over split milk. This time varies in different states of America and you should be aware about this time limit. This time limit is also sometimes called “statute of limitations”.
From all this discussion we highly suggest you that whether or not you have plans to fire a lawsuit you should meet the attorney at the first step as he can guide you regarding time slot you have available to fire a lawsuit. And good news is that most of the attorneys in United States of America will evaluate your case free of cost and give you a good advice. so go Ahead
Monday, February 8, 2016